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Physical & Industrial Rehabilitation Clinic of Oahu

"Getting You Back In The Game of Life"

Providing In-Clinic and On-Site Quality Evaluation and Treatment Services for Injured Workers & Non-Worker's Compensation Injuries

Our Services

At the Physical & Industrial Rehabilitation Clinic of Oahu, LLC (PIRCO), we have a commitment to providing the community with quality experienced rehabilitation services in a supportive and safe environment. Our objective is to provide recovery, restoration, and return of individuals to their highest level of independent functioning in every day life and in the work force.


Acute Rehabilitation Services

Physical Therapy

Medical Massage Therapy

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Industrial Rehabilitation Services

Work Conditioning Program

Work Hardening Program

Functional Capacity Evaluations

Concrete Pouring

Injury Prevention &

Job-Site Industrial Services

Physical Work Performance Evaluations

Ergonomic Evaluations

Job-Site/Task Analysis

Job Coaching



"Wow! The technical aspect of "Work Hardening" Therapy here is truly amazing! The strategic progression of each stretch and exercise really helped me through the grueling rehabilitation process. While my shoulder may never be as strong and pain free as before my related workmans compensation injury, I was able to get back to work with the outstanding assistance and directional treatments here. Mahalo!"

— Don G.

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