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Acute Therapeutic Services

Evaluation & treatment of conditions acquired from a work injury, personal injury, motor-vehicle accident, or other stressors. Our physical and massage therapists specialize in acute injury, pain management, edema management, post-surgical treatment, chronic pain, therapeutic exercise, and modalities as appropriate with the end goal of increasing function, decreasing pain, and improving overall quality of life.

Industrial Rehabilitation Services

A comprehensive injury rehabilitation program designed to help your valuable employees return to work expeditiously and with improved conditioning, safe work practices, and self-management strategies following injury. 
Construction Workers at Site

Injury Prevention and Job-Site Industrial Services

PIRCO's Industrial Injury Prevention/Ergonomic Programs target your bottom line - lowering compensation costs and reducing lost employee time. These programs, which range form post-offer physical work performance evaluations to on-site stretching/material handling training, are designed to prevent on-the-job injuries.
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